Hanging By A Moment

I could feel the sudden
cascade of forcible darkness
so deep…beneath the ragged
cliff of friendship that, I could
hear the silent laments of two
broken hearts falling into the
marble ground of love and trust
At a blow, turned handicapped with an
“ABSENT FOREVER” admonition

These days, the inevitable
changes of the seasons and
the timeless wisdom of the
dying auld lang syne…bring
forth tears–to my absentminded
eyes, inconsolably

Emptiness lingers from the depth
of the night; and your memories are
like these evening stars–mysteriously
charming to look at and now remain
evermore a mystery

And like a fragmentary song
in need of proper tempo,
each word of this unrhymed poem
written between a few sobs and
involuntarily tears mutely screaming
for appreciation amid infinite pain and
unpromising love drifting off—into
another yet murderous silence…

(Hanging by a Moment – Lifehouse)

Copyright (C) 2009 by EvanescentMoon
Written date : 2009-11-13
Hanging By A Moment

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