I Stood Musing In A Black World

Spontaneous. Instantaneous. Our thoughts are

like time bombs marking away
each minute
each chunk
of our lives.

Voracious mouth fed by greed,
blood-thirsty lips filled with rage,
lordlier tongues became
venom-encrusted daggers
punching through
the perforated cities

our minds.

A battlefield
of good and evil,
of lies, half-baked
and of truth,

Zealously. Covetously. We are rolling down

the windows of destruction. Peace is but skyscrapers
built on vodka bottles and humanity’s but remnants
in fossilized sea floors.

We had breathed the air of various lands and homes
where on every strode of our feet, our faith, full-fledged,
yet, despite it all, savored second chances while foretold
another’s life on our hands.

When the air that we breathe
becomes air that we choke,
only then, and, until then,
we truly ache…

to live.

Copyright (C) 2012 by EvanescentMoon.
Submission date : 2012-11-19

*** I took this photo today while I was on my way home from work. ***
Black World

~Image Copyrighted by: EvanescentMoon, MV~

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